Apps are a great way to connect and offer your clients a range of new services and tools. There are opportunities for hotels, cruise ships, restaurants and other vendors to personalise guest services. There are a range of uses for these apps from making reservations, to checking in, booking transfers, ordering room service, accessing maps of the hotel, viewing restaurant menus and booking tables. The ability to submit real time feedback and access loyalty account information.Editorials, blogs, social media sharing and featured information detailing related services you offer, plus information on local attractions, public transport, day trips and weather reports. It’s also a great way to present customers with special offers. We also create great backend applications for analytics information.
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increases information to clients
  • Customers interact with your brand
  • Social media sharing
  • Map navigations
  • Use devise geographical information
  • Integrate local weather
  • Integrate local transport information
  • Add AR capabilities
  • Add videos, testimonials, animations
  • Send specials via push notifications
  • Manage loyalty programs
  • Digital interactive maps for theme parks
  • Great for zoos to share more information
  • Museums to add video content and historical info
  • Add Ecommerce capabilities

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