Augmented Reality - Revolutionary Interactive 3D marketingAugmented reality (AR) has the potential to be revolutionary for interactive advertising. We can turn a normal brochure, catalog or print ad into a 3D interactive experience, enabling users to interact with your brand in an unbiased atmosphere. Imagine turning your flat print ad into an informative 3D interactive one on one marketing experience with an unmatched WOW factor. Engaging interactive experiential marketing.
Within this experience your customers can share on social media, have direct access to your website and call or email you with hot links. You also have access to full analytic reports regarding the success of the app.
There are many other opportunities for AR within the hospitality and tourism industries, including AR trigger locations to launch animation and information at events, expos and also in posters and POS at various locations.
AR travel guides are another option for tourist commissions, helping travellers navigate a town/city and see points of interest and get information on those POI (points of interest). These can be loaded prior to a trip so they can work offline. There are so many possibilities with AR, we would love to hear from you and organise a meeting with our creative team to bespoke a campaign for you.
  • Interactive experiences
  • Engage your customers
  • 3D experiential marketing
  • Interactivity maintains a viral loop
  • Customers interact with your brand
  • WOW factor
  • Great for PR
  • Valuable impressions
  • Turns print media into 3D experience
  • More information for your customers
  • Unique marketing exp√©riences
  • Multi platform distribution
  • Social media sharing
  • Unlimited possibilities




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